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Project Summary

Equal Opportunity for Empowerment Project (EOE) is a project that supports the Inclusive Workforce Development (IWD) program with funding sources from USAID through DAI with the aim of improving access for the poor and vulnerable to qualified and relevant employment development programs.
EOE project specifically aims to improve access to qualified entrepreneurs skill, soft skill and hard skill training with work needs and business development for poor and vulnerable youth. EOE is a pilot project to be held in Sukabumi District for 15 months by a consortium led by CCFI with Dompet Dhuafa as its member and library will be the Main Place / Vocal Point for the implementation of EOE Program.


  • Program Coordinator (Code: PC – CCFI Job)
    • The Coordinator Program is responsible for ensuring the implementation of all EOE activities in the field, organized and well integrated through effective coordination with libraries, the PerpuSeru team (another CCFI Project), and Dompet Dhuafa team. The coordinator program also serves as a liaison with stakeholders’ projects at the district level. This position is responsible for the Program Director.
    • Responsibilities:
      • Coordinate the planning and implementation of EOE project activities and ensure all activities are in accordance with the planning and time set;
      • Bridging communication of EOE program implementation with Library (district and village), library volunteer and PerpuSeru team (another CCFI Project), including the stakeholders project;
      • Provide training and mentoring to library staff in relation to EOE program implementation (youth engagement, stakeholders meeting and information management, regular training evaluation, private and UKM forums, etc.);
      • Provide input and recommendation on monitoring and indicative performance indicator that have been designed;
      • Monitoring all project activities;
      • Become an EOE Program liaison in communicating and coordinating with village district government including Synergy Team from PerpuSeru Project and other stakeholders related to cooperation and support to the implementation and development of EOE library program;
      • Review and analyze youth engagement proposal proposals to ensure the objectives of the activities are in accordance with the mandate and objectives of the EOE Program and also make verification of activity budgets proposed by partner libraries in accordance with the policy of Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia;
      • Supervise project assistants that will assist in organizing meetings, preparing administration and gathering activity reports.
    • Qualifications:
      • University Graduates (Bachelor / Master Degree) from reputable University in any relevant discipline;
      • Proven work as Project Coordinator and with 3 – 4 year experiences in program development;
      • Solid organizational skills, including multitasking and time-management;
      • Experience in project Management from concept to delivery – Demonstrated/proven knowledge and experience in project planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring and quality control;
      • Ability to successfully manage a wide network of relationships (government, private sectors, Higher education CSO);
      • Accurately and clearly convey timely information and ideas, using a style and manner of presentation appropriate to the target audience;
      • Ability to work independently with minimal managerial supervision;
      • Has a good leadership skill – Contribute to the creation of a motivated environment where goals can be achieved, skills and knowledge are enhanced, and learning & development are valued;
      • Ability to comprehensive reaching, analyzing and summarizing of information, making sense of large amounts of information and complex situations and getting to the heart of the problem.


  • Project Assistant (Code : PA – CCFI Job)
    • Project Assistant will provide support to the management and technical team; provide support for coordinating the meeting and workshop as well as minutes meeting. The position will also assist with logistic, accommodation and other administrative tasks. Help in data collection, produce plan and report.
    • Responsibilities:
      • Prepare the supporting documents required for the organization of activities;
      • Collect youth engagement activity proposal documents of the library and follow up the process and prepare supporting documents;
      • Prepare logistics, venues, accommodation and other supporting documents
      • Documenting and collecting activity reports both in terms of logistics and administration as well as documentation of the process of activities in a timely manner;
      • Working with Program Coordinator, libraries and other teams to ensure that records and reporting run in accordance with established standards;
      • Conduct mentoring to library staff and volunteers in conducting promotional activities through messages and other channel media, managing beneficiaries, registration, training to prospective participants, managing stake holders meeting activities, etc;
      • Provide input for improving program implementation;
      • Active participation in evaluation meetings;
      • Create weekly reports and contribute to the preparation of project reports.
    • Qualifications :
      • Bachelor’s degree in any related field with minimum 3 years relevant working experiences;
      • Experiences working in development program;
      • Demonstrated good knowledge and experiences in organizing meeting, workshop, report writing, data collection;
      • Good maintained paper and electronic filing systems for records, correspondence, and other materials;
      • Good communication skills, such as writing, listening and speaking;
      • Strong organizational skills, multi tasking and time manner;
      • Demonstrate good skill in using office applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
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The Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia (CCFI) was established in August, 2000 by PT Coca-Cola Indonesia and PT Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia, determined to elevate education level and human resource quality of Indonesia in order to achieve a higher standard of living for the Indonesian people. Education is the keystone of every activity organized by CCFI. The main aim of CCFI is to assist the creation of learning opportunities of people to shape them into knowledgeable and productive citizens.

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