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Optimizing the Bridge between m-KIA and E-Kohort

Document Date                : September 2022

Department/Project      : SHARE (Strengthening Primary Health Care), a project by Jhpiego

Report to                             : ICT Specialist

Type of Work                    : Remote

Period of Performance  : mid-September to November 2022

Estimated no. of days    : 60 days

Project Introduction

Jhpiego is a non-profit global leader in the creation and delivery of transformative health care solutions that save lives. As an affiliation of John Hopkins University, Jhpiego has started program interventions in maternal, new-born babies, child health and family planning in Indonesia since 1980. In 2021, Jhpiego works across 7 provinces in close collaboration and partnership with national, provincial and district governments to provide technical assistance in the areas of family planning, maternal and child health, midwifery education and strengthening of cadres and Primary Health Cares.

The Strengthening Primary Healthcare (SHARE): Demonstrating an Innovative, Scalable, Person-Centered Model of Care project is a three-year initiative funded by Pfizer Foundation. The objective of the project is to demonstrate the feasibility, effectiveness and scalability of an enhanced, integrated, equitable, technology-enabled, person-centered model of primary health care, with child health as the point of entry. SHARE partners with the Bogor District Health Office, communities in Cibungbulang, Leuwiliang, and Leuwi Sadeng subdistricts (project intervention areas), and the national Ministry of Health, among others.


Since the first quarter of 2021, SHARE project has worked closely with the Ministry of Health to enhance the features of m-KIA application – a digital version of Buku KIA. The original version of the application covers the informational and educational features for pregnant and postpartum mothers, following the contents of the MCH book. The enhancement supported by SHARE project covers the child monitoring, referral and counter-referral features with kader as the main users.

While the kader section is being developed, there has been discussions considering the sustainability of the application, as some related applications already exist and some features might overlap. These include – but not limited to – application such as e-Kohort. As a result, the team initiated a step (with the help of a third party) to produce a comprehensive and strategic integration plan through stakeholders and applications mapping; clarify the interconnections between applications; explore gaps and opportunities from business and technical perspectives to realize integration. This initiation was completed with final documentation in May 2022, the same time as the hand-over process of m-KIA cadre to the MOH.

Having the learning and prototyping in hand, Ministry of Health took into consideration, the process of completing the system workflow immediately – in this case, optimizing the interoperability and communication between m-KIA and e-Kohort. The focus is then, turning the learning into production.

Scope of Work

The vendor will be supporting the Ministry of Health in developing dashboard and downward referral mechanism, to complete the ideal workflow of m-KIA application’s referral system. The two main features (dashboard and downward referral) are meant to be an integrated part of e-Kohort; a health information system owned by the Ministry of Health for mothers (ANC and PNC) and children (newborns and children under 6).  The following are some important basis of the intended outcomes, that will be assigned to the selected consultant:

Ideal Workflow

Since the consultant will work in technical development to complete the ideal cycle of m-KIA, the understanding of the overall cycle is highly important.

In this case, the task includes:

  • Develop dashboard as a part of e-Kohort with data retrieved from m-KIA application, covering mother and child data (master and monitoring result). This will include some works related to data interoperability (GET), such as API development, modification and testing from both sides (m-KIA and e-Kohort).
  • Enhance e-Kohort capability in accommodating post-discharge downward referral – a case when the sick child fulfils the referral, and the health workers fill the result that needs to be followed up by mother/ family, cadre or village midwives. This will also include works related to data interoperability (POST).

Current Progress

SHARE team had already started with an initial step of prototyping the dashboard and testing the API used for the designed dashboard. The process and the result have been documented as learning documents with the help of a third party (software house). The selected consultant will have the benefit of getting access to all resources and learning materials from the initial steps in order to fulfil the responsibility as described in point A within the limited time.

The resources and learning materials are, but not limited to:

  • Feature List
  • Technical documentation of the dashboard prototype, including mockup design and admin credentials in temporary hosting for further observation.
  • API documentation and communication tracker from the previous process (development and testing)
  • Integration advisory document, a compact technical and managerial learning from the process of dashboard development (milestones, challenges and recommendation)
  • Other documentation as required.

Throughout the work, the consultant will report to and work closely with the Ministry of Health as the authority holder. The consultant may request an infrequent communication with SHARE team for technical clarification of the resources and previous experiences with acknowledgement of the MOH’s person in charge. All process should be conducted by taking into account the existing and currently developed applications, stakeholder engagement and overall Indonesia context.



Expected Deliverables

  1. Improvement of existing health service feature in e-Kohort, according to lifecycle
  2. Improvement of existing PWS, reports and dashboard in e-Kohort
  3. Development of additional dashboard in e-Kohort,
    • from m-KIA Cadre:
      • Child monitoring result by Cadre
      • Cadre task performance
    • from m-KIA Mother:
      • Self-monitoring of mother (ANC/PNC)
      • Self-monitoring of child(ren)
  1. Development of downward referral mechanism in e-Kohort (two-ways communication with m-KIA and Whatsapp)
  2. Development of Health Information and Education (KIE) delivery mechanism for mothers, from e-Kohort through m-KIA and Whatsapp
  3. Final Documentation – 2 copies for:
    • Jhpiego (SHARE project)
    • Ministry of Health

How to Apply

Please submit your application of interest, CV and budget/fee proposal to the following email address: with subject as per position. Only those selected for interview will be contacted.

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