Impact bond Feasibility Consultant

Impact bond Feasibility Consultant




In 2018, Mercy Corps commissioned a landscape study exploring innovative finance options to address flood resilience in the coastal city of Semarang, Indonesia. This work builds off Mercy Corps’ nearly 20-year long history of community programming in Indonesia and recent work in the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance. In addition to providing background information on causes of increasing flooding, the study explained multiple types of bond structures relevant to resilience financing, presented existing interventions in flood resilience, and proposed potential applications in Semarang.

An impact bond structure focused on resilience outcomes has been identified as the most appropriate for Semarang’s context. Potential identified interventions include green infrastructure and solid waste management.  The next steps include a further investigation into the feasibility of the idea and gathering the necessary data and stakeholders to have the structure ready for issue.


Mercy Corps is currently assessing the feasibility of developing a flood resilience impact bond (FRIB) to serve as a tangible pilot case study for innovative climate finance sector. This role will lead the associated research and engagement work for the development of the FRIB in Indonesia. Depending on the outcomes of the ongoing feasibility mapping phase, there is potential for this role to develop into a longer-term role. In close collaboration with colleagues in the Mercy Corps Indonesia and London office, the consultant will be responsible for the following:
1. Support the identification of appropriate interventions and partners

·         Which interventions will be most effective in reducing flooding?

·         What is the ease of implementation of the intervention(s) relative to eachother and/or in combination?

·         Are there local actors who are experienced in such interventions that can serve as the official service providers?


2. Support the definition of appropriate metrics by exploring the following questions:

·         Is the overall cost of the intervention(s) appropriate for an impact bond structure?

·         Can the impacts of the interventions under consideration be modeled accurately, and by whom?

·         What data is typically collected relating to the intervention? Is the data collection process reliable? If not, how hard would it be to establish a robust process?

·         What could be the key metrics upon which the FRIB’s outcomes payments could be based?

·         What kind of monitoring and evaluation system would be needed to support the development of an impact bond structure?


3.Research what is needed to ensure compliance of the proposed structure with all relevant legislation and regulation



1.       Meetings/interviews/workshops with local and national stakeholders that include key national staff of Mercy Corps Indonesia

2.       Stakeholder map (initial draft submitted within 5 months of consultancy’s commencement)

3.       Metric definition scoping document (initial draft submitted within 3 months of consultancy’s commencement)


Seven (7) months, starting as soon as possible based in either Semarang or Jakarta Indonesia. Payment will be in two parts: one upon submission of initial findings and one upon finalization.


1.       3-5 years experiences in impact bond, results-based-financing, and/or innovative financial model development

2.       Strong understanding of flood resilience issues including measurement

3.       Good understanding on urban and regional development context especially on the land use and spatial planning context, including urban-rural connection and/or upstream-downstream connection in ecosystem context

4.       Proven experience in building and managing partnership with local and national stakeholders; both government and non-government actors

5.       Demonstrated proficiency in writing bilingual (English & Bahasa) reports


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