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Population Services International (PSI) is a U.S. headquartered organization based in Washington, DC, which operates in 40+ countries around the world. PSI is the world’s leading non-profit social marketing organization. PSI is reimagining healthcare, by putting the consumer at the center, and wherever possible – bringing care to the front door. We are working to fix market failures, shape future health markets and shift policy and funding to better support consumer powered healthcare. There are over “300 PSI’ers” in the U.S. and 5,000 “PSI’ers” total around the world.

While “PSI’ers” typical working from locations where PSI has established operations, on occasion we have a need to hire talent that is based in a location where we do not operate. PSI is looking for a solution to ensure that in these instances we are compliant with requirements for employing local staff.

Given our nature of work and always changing global workforce, additional needs for EOR or payroll solution are being requested. Employees will typically not require support on work authorization.

Immediately, we are looking for a solution for hiring and maintaining staff in Indonesia. PSI does not currently have an office in Indonesia, but we will soon be hiring an international assignee and national staff to support a new private sector WASH project. PSI would like the firm to:

  1. Serve as the employer-of-record (EOR) for six Indonesian employees.
  2. Advise on appropriate local benefits packages for six Indonesian employees to meet local labor law and offer competitive packages to staff.
  3. Conduct a salary benchmarking exercise to determine appropriate salary ranges for position like those that will be hired for the project.
  4. Provide legal and human resource (HR) services for six local Indonesian employees, including:
    1. Recruitment of six Indonesian employees with support from PSI team
    2. Administration of six Indonesian employee contracts
    3. Use of a user-friendly software system for employee timekeeping (time entry and approval), processing payroll (including tax and statutory payments), tracking and accruing leave and other benefits,
    4. Assure compliance with local tax and labor laws, including submission of necessary documentation to the relevant authorities.
    5. Archiving of both hard and electronic copies of all employment documents to meet funder and local legal requirements and for audit purposes.
  5. Troubleshooting local HR matters as they
  6. Secure an international work visa for one international staff, who will be a PSI employee hired through our Washington DC office, based in Jakarta for approximately 3 years.
  7. Assure compliance with local tax and labor laws, including submission of necessary documentation to the relevant authorities for on international staff person.
  8. Provide advisory services on topics related to:
    1. Best practices around interviewing, managing and operating in each country.
    2. Compensation analysis.
    3. Local regulations and policies.
  9. Provide customized reports/analysis on:
    1. Benefits (Enrollment, termination)
    2. Data review (Audit trail, missing data, point-in-time)
    3. Employee Info (Age profile, birthdays, EEO-1, employment status history, gender profile, job history, salary history, years of service)
    4. Headcount and turnover (Additions and terminations, employee turnover, headcount, turnover rate)
    5. Hiring (Applicant funnel, applicant sources, applicants by disability and gender, applicants by race and gender, applicants by veteran status and gender)
    6. Payroll (Last pay change, payroll changes, salary history)
    7. Time off (Time off balances, time off schedule, time off used)
  10. Translate onboarding documents to local languages where it is a legal requirement.

Benefits: N/A

Job Requirements

The company will have the experience, capacity, and the legal standing necessary to provide the following services in Indonesia:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Salary Survey & Benchmarking
  3. Advise on local benefits package
  4. Employer of Record
  5. Contract Administration
  6. Timekeeping & Payroll Software System
  7. Compliance with local tax and labor laws
  8. Archiving
  9. International Staff Work Visa
  10. Advisory Services

How to Apply

Please refer to the attached Request for Proposal (RFP) and submit bids to:

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