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While Indonesia has witnessed some progress in its efforts to control the concentrated HIV epidemic (except for Papua which has a generalized epidemic), the 2015 AIDS Epidemic Model (AEM) projects that the number of new infections will continue to grow, especially among men who have sex with men (MSM), and soon surpass the number of new infections among female sex workers (FSW). In 2014 the Indonesia Ministry of Health (MoH) began implementing ‘test and start’ through its “Strategic Use of Anti-Retrovirals (SUFA)” policy. The policy calls for immediate ARV treatment for key populations, TB patients, and pregnant women and provides for adult and pediatric services across the HIV clinical cascade.

However, implementation of the initiative has been relatively slow and increased efforts are needed to meet the Jakarta 2020 Fast Track targets.

HRH2030, through its partner Palladium, will analyze relevant HRH policies, protocols, scopes of practice, and task shifting practices that hinder or support the key cadres who are implementing Indonesia’s Strategic Use of Anti-Retroviral (SUFA) policy. This entails analysis of the various national legal, regulatory, and policy issues that may affect how the health workforce is managed, scopes of practice by various cadres, and task shifting practices that influence the health workforce in delivering HIV services under SUFA. Findings from this analysis will help identify policy and advocacy opportunities, challenges, priority actions, and implications for HRH programming to strengthen the HIV continuum of care. The main audience for this analysis is government representatives, USAID, and implementing partners.

Key Responsibilities:

Palladium is seeking an experienced research firm or consultant to assist in compiling and reviewing policy documents, preparing data collection tools, undertaking stakeholder interviews, and analysing the stakeholder feedback. The ideal candidate (organization or individual) will have demonstrated experience conducting policy analyses and facilitating qualitative interviews with a range of stakeholders at all levels (including high-level government officials). The successful applicant will be responsible for completing the following tasks:
1. With technical oversight from Palladium, design a methodology for conducting the policy assessment. The methodology will draw on the Policy Implementation Assessment Tool and political economy analysis approaches. It will present the activity’s overall analytical framework and methods for conducting the desk review, semi-structured interviews, and focus group discussions. It will include a policy inventory tool, data collection instruments (see Task #6), and text analysis tools (see Task #3).
2. Source, collect, and review relevant national policies, norms, protocols, regulations, implementation plans, guidelines, scopes of practice, that may affect how the health workforce is managed with respect to SUFA and HRH, the conditions under which health workers work, and the way they may deliver HIV testing, treatment, lab and PMTCT services for adults and children.
3. Collaborate with Palladium to develop a text analysis tool to analyse the content of select policy documents to identify inconsistencies, policy barriers, and implementation practices that hinder or support the key cadres who are implementing the SUFA strategy.
4. Using the above reference text analysis tool, complete the text analysis of select policy document.
5. Develop list of stakeholders for interview or focus group discussions from the following organizations: Civil society organizations; Central MOH, Jakarta PHO, DHO, USAID, LINKAGES, GHSC-PSM, HP+, WHO, UNAIDS, World Bank, Spiritia and other Global Fund principal recipients, civil society organizations, private health facility directors, professional councils and associations; Other stakeholders identified through the policy review (Task 1)
6. Collaborate with Palladium staff to develop semi-structured interview guides and focus group discussion guides, tailored to each stakeholder group.
7. Use the above referenced interview and focus group discussion guides to conduct up to 20 semi-structured interviews and/or focus group discussions. Record (with prior consent) the interviews and take detailed notes.
8. After reviewing regulatory and policy documents, and stakeholder feedback, conduct an analysis and identify inconsistencies, policy barriers, and implementation practices that hinder or support the key cadres who are implementing the SUFA strategy.
9. Prepare a short report (10-15 pages + annexes) and PPT slides to summarize the data collection methodology, findings, and recommendations.
10. Provide updates on tasks outlined in the SOW twice a week via email or Skype.


• The applicant must have demonstrated experience conducting similar assignments in Indonesia. In particular, the applicant must demonstrate the following capabilities: conducting policy analyses and qualitative interviews; analyzing governmental structures and health policy processes in Indonesia; understanding of current HIV prevention, care and treatment policies and programs in Indonesia.
• Key personnel working on the assignment must have a Master’s degree in social sciences, public health, development studies (or a related field). Educational background in research and qualitative methods strongly desired.
• Staff working on the assignment must be proficient in English.

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