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SYSTEMIQ aims to catalyse good disruptions in economic systems by building coalitions to shape policies and business strategies, co-creating market solutions in partnership with the private and public sectors, and investing its own venture capital in opportunities with the biggest potential to drive rapid system change. In South-East Asia, SYSTEMIQ is also working to develop market-based solutions for peatland and forest restoration and opened an office in Jakarta in 2017.

Affordable and versatile, plastic has become ubiquitous: 311 million tonnes were produced in 2014. This is expected to triple by 2050. The negative impacts of the plastic system – including plastic pollution in nature and climate impacts from greenhouse gas emissions – are becoming an iconic issue worldwide. Each year, more than 10 million tonnes of plastic escapes the current system and leaks into the ocean. Over 100 marine species have been discovered to contain microplastics, some of which end up on our plates.

But ocean plastic is not just a health or environmental issue, it’s an economic problem too. Today, 95% of plastic packaging value – or US$80-120 billion annually – is lost after first use. This represents an enormous incentive to change the demand and supply cycle of materials. By re-designing products, business models and production processes, industries can extend product life cycles and improve resource productivity – making more using less. A circular plastics system could create more jobs, reduce environmental impacts and unlock an estimated US$700 billion in economic opportunities.

System change requires leadership from across the system. SYSTEMIQ and our coalition partners work across a range of industries, from metals and cement to electronics and textiles. We also work with governments and civil society to drive innovative initiatives and investment that will transform material use in the economy, with a focus on the plastics economy. Specifically, our team on the ground drives the implementation of new waste management infrastructure, including collection operations, waste sortation facilities, establishing governance institutions, education and behavour change campaigns, and policy.


There are 2 openings for this position within our local implementation team:

  • Kabupaten Jembrana team
  • Kabupaten Malang team

The Government Officer will have a critical role within the implementation team on the ground. They will be responsible for managing relationship with Regency’s agencies, village governments and other related stakeholders, such as parliament and villages. The Government Officer will also responsible for working collaboratively with the Regency in establishing an institutional setting for waste system operation.

The role will require working with Dinas Lingkungan Hidup (DLH), Village Agency (DPMD), Bappeda, Health Agency, Public Works Agency, Kecamatan, Village Government, Cutural Villages (including the Cultural Village Council/Majelis Desa Adat. This process will also require driving the related government processes needed, such as local regulations/ policies, supporting documentations, and permits.

This person will ideally be a strong negotiator, well adept government facilitator, and a natural lobbyist . They will have demonstrated success in facilitating problem solving with government and facilitate a collaborative effort with multistakeholder.

In return, we offer a unique opportunity to work with international and local experts and lead a front-line initiative that can deliver tangible breakthrough results for marine plastic prevention, circular waste management, public health and livelihood benefits in Indonesia and the wider region.

Specific responsibilities:

  1. Close coordination and weekly catch up with waste related agencies such as but not limited to: Environmental Agency, Village Agency, Health Agency, Public Works Agency and Bappeda.
  2. Work closely and supervise regency government to strengthen relationship with kecamatans, villages, and other local stakeholders
  3. Build relationship and strengthen the existing one with regency parliament (DPRD) to advocate and gain support for SYSTEMIQ’s project approach.
  4. Work closely with related agencies to establish a waste management operator institutions (such as BUMDESMA, BLUD), including monitoring progress, report result, and continuous improvement of said institution
  5. Facilitate regency and village-level waste regulation formulation (both formal and cultural village)
  6. Facilitate regency and village-level planning and budgeting process to support long-term waste management financial sustainability
  7. Building a network of stakeholder relationships including community, NGO and religious organisations, companies in the plastics recycling value chain, and other organisations and individuals working on related initiatives across Indonesia and the wider region.
  8. Codification of government and governance-related knowledge for replication in future programs
  9. [In time] Contribute to, or lead, replication and scaling of waste management systems in other locations in Indonesia.


Government Officer requirements:

  1. Years of experience (5-10 years+) in relevant roles in government relation, government facilitation, regency regulations dan planning formulation.
  2. Qualification in sector(s) relevant to the project (e.g. waste management, business or public sector management, communication, environmental, social science or economics)
  3. Strong analytical skills and able to demonstrate a comprehensive systemic thinking
  4. Strong facilitation skills
  5. Strong problems solving skills
  6. Strong negotiation skills
  7. Strong interpersonal relationship skills
  8. Able to work collaboratively in a team environment
  9. Able to demonstrate positive attitude and productive approaches towards challenges in a high-pressure environment
  10. Strong fluency and able to communicate effectively in both English and Bahasa Indonesia. Speaking local language is a plus.
  11. Willingness to live in Jembrana or Malang during assignment. PLEASE MENTION YOUR PREFERENCE WHEN APPLYING

Other information

Type of role: Full-time employment on a permanent contract (after initial 3 month trial period)

Start date: 1 March, 2022

Application deadline: 20 January, 2022

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