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Fairventures Worldwide (FVW) Forestry Manager 

FVW is searching for a Forestry Manager to lead smallholder forestry projects in Central Kalimantan. FVW works to help farmers reforest degraded land with fast-growing tropical sengon and other lightwoods. FVW works with farmer groups through the Farmer Field School method and promotes agroforestry and biodiversity on smallholder farms. This position will report to the FVW Country Director and the FVW Forestry Advisor. The Forestry Manager will lead teams in Central Kalimantan to support farmer groups and coordinate test plot management and analysis. 

Candidates for the position will be ranked on experience and education that demonstrate they posses the following skills:

SkillAcceptable Candidates Additional skills of an excellent candidate 
Forestry Expertise He/she will use expert forestry knowledge to guide projects with smallholder farmers and test fields in best practice tropical agroforestry. He/she will revise the FVW forestry curriculum and strengthen: 

  • The post harvest component 
  • Organic solutions component 
  • Intercropping options 
Project ManagementHe/she will receive a project design document with objectives, deliverables, RACI, calendar and budget. From this project document, he/she will make an implementation and seedling distribution plan. 

Project 1: 200 smallholder sengon farmers in Farmer Field School groups Central Kalimantan. 

Project 2: Test fields combining lightwood and orangutan habitat agroforestry. 

He/she will promote intercropping in the smallholder curriculum. 

He/she has experience with tropical commodities intercropped with fast-growing lightwood timber and/ or grown independently on mid-sized plantations, with the participation of local communities. 

Farmer Field School He/she will plan and carry out FFS for farmer groups of 200 farmers in: 

  • FFS village Socialization 
  • Recruiting 200 farmers 
  • Forming farmer group 
  • Master TOT for staff 
  • FFS sessions 
  • Evaluation  
He/she will evaluate the existing FVW smallholder FFS curriculum and revise. 
Logistics Planning He/she will plan team movements, fleet coordination and communication for a team of up to 10 project officers and assistants. He/she will make movement plans 3-4 months in advance, coordinated with other Project Managers to share resources. 
Procurement Plan He/she will make a procurement plan and issue Purchase Requests/ Purchase Orders with detailed specifications. He/she will evaluate bid analysis and the vendor list to expand the shopping potential of FVW procurement. 
Stakeholder Coordination He/ she will make plans for coordination with: 

  • Village level authorities 
  • Farmer Group structures 
  • Partner NGOs 
  • Universities 
  • Donors 
  • FVW Project Managers 
  • FSF Project Managers 
He/she will represent FVW at the sub-district, district and provincial level. He/she will make contacts to ministry and dinas officials and coordinate efforts together with the Country Director. 
Team Leader He/she will lead a team of up to 10 project staff. He/she will assign work, monitor performance and guide team development. He/she will arbitrate conflicts and interpersonal challenges. He/ she will make a capacity development plan for team members and provide them on-going continuous feedback. 
Farmer Monitoring He/she will schedule past and new farmers for complete year-round outreach. He/she will design monitoring plans for all farmers in FVW programs. 
Harvesting Plan He/she will work with the harvesting team and provide data and farmers for a small holder harvesting plan. He/she will coordinate logistics and harvesting efforts for smallholder harvesting and processing efforts. 
Data Management He/she will be able to collect data in an organized and structured process and will comply with all FVW data collection regulations. He/she will develop GIS online tools for continued information sharing: webmaps, StoryMaps, dashboards, etc. 

Skills and background of qualified candidates: 

Background Acceptable Candidates Excellent Candidates  
Bahasa Indonesian national with native-level Bahasa Indonesia and cultural fluencyDayak language skills
English Professional level English: 

Spoken and written 

English presentation experience 
Education Masters in Tropical Ecology, Tropical Forestry, Environmental Field Studies or Field Ecology/Botany. A Masters in Silviculture for Plantation Management could also be considered. Published authorship of scientific, peer-reviewed articles or other scientific contributions with strong data analysis.
Training Experience training farmer groups or others in GAP TOT Master Trainer 

Expert in FFS methodology 

Forestry Experience Silviculture cruising, mapping and/ or harvest experienceExperience harvesting tropical timber 
Project Management Field project management experience (1-3 years) in a remote area based on agroforestry or agriculture projects (1-3 years)Experience over 3 years

Experience managing programs using Farmer Field School methodology 

Data Analysis Data analysis and data management skillsDocumented experience collecting and  managing large data sets 
GIS Working knowledge and capacity and interest to learn GIS mapping and analysis for field data collection (1-3 years)ESRI GIS ArcMap or ArcPro Licence

Understanding of ESRI AGOL mapping tools (StoryMaps, Collector, Dashboards)

Planning Experience Proven work experience showing ability to plan complex activities, coordinate logistics and address contingencies and emergencies in implementation. 
Computer literacy Expert level MSWord, Powerpoint and Excel

Additional Traits of a Member of the Fairventures Team: 

We are looking to hire a new member of our team. In addition to technical skills, we are looking for someone who thinks and works like us. FV will put value on the following traits in the application and recruiting process: 

  • Innovation: We are looking for someone who studies the newest trends, analyzes local wisdom and practice, looks for innovations and is open to new ideas. 
  • Grounding in Hands-on Forestry and Agriculture: We are looking for someone who is willing and able to prepare substrate, water plants, prune trees, deal with pests and lead other workers by example. We get our hands dirty and there are no office-only jobs. 
  • Coaching and Mentoring: We are looking for a leader who coaches and teaches every moment. We believe in coaching across Fairventures and we are looking for a Project Manager who will help all of his/her colleagues grow and develop. 
  • Respectful of Communities: We are looking for someone who has respect for and ability to work with and empower local communities. We want to build on local wisdom and encourage our partners through all interactions. 
  • Highly Computer Literate: We need a leader who is highly computer literate and has the ability and willingness to immediately apply their skills to the Google Suite of applications. We are moving toward being fully cloud-based. 
  • Constructive Communicator: We are looking for someone who can work constructively with supervisors and with teammates. We are looking for someone who actively promotes cooperation and open communication. 
  • Regulation Enactor: We are looking for someone who will study and internalize FVW regulations and policies and then enact them. FVW asks its team members to actively discuss and debate new regulations and once they have been ratified to use them consistently in the field and to help FVW make sure that they are understood and used by the wider organization. 
  • Multi-Stakeholder Manager: We are looking for someone who is able to manage the needs of multiple levels of stakeholders and set priorities for himself/ herself. 

Details of Assignment

  • Assignment to begin immediately. 
  • Assignment 6 months in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan/ 6 months in farmer locations. 
  • Salary terms and benefits will be based on the qualifications of the selected candidate. 
  • Ability to interact supportively in a multicultural team with empathy and respect is required.

Next Steps 

Qualified candidates should send an updated and professional CV in English AND Bahasa. Please edit your CV to allow Fariventures to determine your ability to meet the job demands outlined in this document. Our ability to understand your experience and accomplishments, based only on your CV will determine if you are shortlisted for a position. Make sure to include your full contact information on the CV. 

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