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Indonesia has an immense and diverse community forest resources. However, most of the community forestry in Indonesia are still unsustainable. The root of the problem is the inability of the community to sell the timber on the fair market price. Lack of access to timber market, causing the community forest cooperatives who facilitate timber sales of their members, to sell their timber to the middlemen with the price below market value. Furthermore, low bargaining position to obtain capital and limited access to modern forest management methods led to inefficient forest planning and operation. Those issues are forcing the forest owners to overharvest the forest.

Providing access for the community forestry to sell their product with a fair international market price is the first step to solve the issue. One of the methods is providing the community with fair price while ensuring the sustainability of forest by following Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard. The price of FSC-certified timber is higher than non-FSC wood, thus providing the forest owners with more revenue while ensuring the forest management to be environmentally sustainable. However, obtaining FSC certificate is not an easy task. FSC certification is costly and the cooperatives have limited knowledge on how to fulfill the FSC standard. Those obstructs them to obtain FSC certificate.

PT Sosial Bisnis Indonesia (SOBI) was established in early 2016 to answer these challenges by combining business with community engagement approaches on implementing the sustainable forest management. SOBI is partnering with community forest cooperatives in Java, Indonesia. As FSC-certified Forest Manager, SOBI sets the guideline for sustainable forest management and consolidate the market for our partner’s logs.

We are planning to expand our partner (cooperatives) network across Java. We aim for 8 new cooperatives to be ready to operate with SOBI’s scheme by the end of 2018. To achieve that, SOBI is looking for the best candidate for Expansion Management Department who will be responsible for our expansion and cooperative development project in the field. Together with our NGO Partner, he/she will assist new cooperatives in preparing their FSC certification and ensure the cooperatives to meet the social, organizational, and technical capacity that SOBI requires.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Conducting feasibility study to assess social and technical capacity as well as ecological potentials of SOBI’s expansion areas.
2. Assisting technical capacity in preparing the FSC Audit for the cooperatives such as providing and coordinating training programs, guiding the administrative tasks, conducting the environmental monitoring process, and other relevant tasks.
3. Coordinating inventory needs such as recruiting and training field team, assisting the division of inventory area, monitoring performance quality of team’s field work and inventory data.
4. Coordinating cooperative’s member registration needs include not limited to: (1) recruiting and training field team for member registration; (2) coordinating the division for area registration; (3) monitoring performance of field and quality check for members and area registration data
5. Facilitating the establishment of SOBI’s branch, identifying the local people to be SOBI’s branch management, and preparing administrations for the branch as well as FSC and SVLK certification.
6. Communicating on regularly basis for every updates related to the field task.


1. Min. Bachelor’s degree in any field, preferably biology or forestry.
2. Preferably 1-2 years of experience; fresh graduates with community project experience are welcome to apply)
3. Knowledge and understanding of forestry, community and social issues.
4. Strong political, social, conflict resolution, and negotiation skills.
5. Experience in developing and managing multi-stakeholder projects.
6. Excellent communication skills to deliver proposal, pitches, presentations, ideas and project updates to wide range of audiences in a clear, inspiring and confident way.
7. Good interpersonal and team-building skills.
8. Proven ability of demonstrating initiative and creativity to achieve desired outcomes.


Competitive salary and health insurance.


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PT Sosial Bisnis Indonesia (SOBI) is a social enterprise that applies community-based approach to manage the forest in a sustainable way

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