EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Cocoa Sustainability Partnership, Makassar

Job Description

We are looking for an Executive Director!

The Cocoa Sustainability Partnership (CSP) is a national public-private platform mandated to enhance communication and collaboration between stakeholders in sustainable cocoa development initiatives in Indonesia. Members of CSP include the Government of Indonesia (GoI), national and multi-national companies, national and international NGOs, donors, research agencies, certification labels, and academics working together towards sustainability of Indonesian cocoa sector. The day to day management of the partnership platform is run by CSP Executive Office, based in Makassar.

CSP Executive Office is looking for a qualified candidate to fill the post of Executive Director. This is a full time post and will be based in Makassar, South Sulawesi.


Purpose of the Position

The Executive Director will lead the Executive Office and the partnership platforms operations. He/she will act as representative of CSP to third parties and will ensure that the running of the Executive Office and the five regional forum are in accordance with CSP vision and mission, the CSP Road Map, and the approved annual work plan and budget.


Reporting to

Supervisory Board Chairman


Duty Station

Makassar with frequent travel to Jakarta and cocoa production areas in Indonesia.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lead the Executive Office team to facilitate the accomplishment of the partnership platforms work plan and budget in the spirit of partnership, honesty, and balance;
  • Initiate engagement and maintain relationship with related high level government officials at national level. Ensure government continuous support to CSP and its members programs;
  • Suggest and advice the Supervisory Board on areas of improvement of CSP and Executive Office operations as well as on cocoa sustainability issues as input to the Supervisory Board to develop strategic decision for CSP;
  • Support the General Assembly (GA) chairperson in managing the General Assembly meetings and maintain communication with CSP members;
  • Support the GA chairperson and the Executive Office Program Manager in facilitating the activities of regional cocoa forums in order to capture local key issues related to cocoa sustainability and ensuring that it is escalated to the national forum for solution findings;
  • Lead fundraising activities and member acquisition to make CSP financially sustainable and independent;
  • Represent CSP in stakeholder networks, meetings and events, promoting the organization in a way it enhances the good reputation of the organization and the trust of potential and current members, donors, government and non-government organizations, and industry stakeholders;
  • Create and nurture stakeholder’s engagement, discussions and dialogue to enhance public-private partnership in the sector;
  • Develop and manage annual work plan and budget;
  • Produce narrative annual and semi-annual reports as required by donors and CSP management.



  • Masters degree in the following or related fields: agriculture, agribusiness, rural development, governance, or sustainability.
  • 10 years working experience in managing cocoa, agriculture, sustainable supply chain, sustainable development, public-private partnership, governance or related development programs;
  • Strong leadership, management, communication, negotiation skills with results oriented and able to work under-pressure and tight deadlines;
  • Ability to adapt to changes;
  • Have experience working in multi-stakeholder and public private partnership settings for certain commodities will be an advantage;
  • Strong English with ability to write and produce reports in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

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Cocoa Sustainability Partnership (CSP) is a forum for public-private partnership for the advancement of communication and working together between stakeholders actively engaged in cocoa development initiatives in Indonesia. The CSP exists to increase communication, coordination and collaboration between public and private stakeholders engaged in cocoa sustainability activities in Indonesia for the mutual benefit of all cocoa sector players. Currently there 40 organizations that actively involved in the forum that consist of national and local government, private sector, NGOs, research institutions, universities and cocoa asscociations. The day to day management of the forum is run by the Executive Office located in Makassar, under the supervision of the Supervisory Board of the forum.

In order to create common goals and enhanced cocoa production and productivity in the country, in 2013, CSP published The 2020 Roadmap to Sustainable Indonesian Cocoa. This roadmap is the working foundation for CSP members to achieve the sustainable cocoa goals in Indonesia. To guide the implementation of the roadmap and ensure that the recomendation is actionable, Task Forces were formed. Members of the Task Forces are coming from CSP members. Currently, there are five Task Forces established.  The Executive Office is facilitating the operational of the Task Forces to ensure Task Forces achieved their output and target.

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