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Description of Activities/Service

FHI 360 is looking for a designer and event organizer (EO) to design, organize and deliver a professional and collaborative Indonesia Civil Society Forum (ICSF) in mid-June 2023. The ICSF is an annual forum to discuss and support issues for civil society and civil society organizations in Indonesia, including at the sub-national level. ICSF convenes national and local civil society and government activists for networking, capacity development, and acknowledgement for innovations and smart practices. Key stakeholders from regional and national civil society organizations, local and national government, universities, and the private sector will gather to share their thoughts, perspectives, experiences, and lessons learned. These participants will engage in discussions centering on the capacity needs and sustainability of Indonesian civil society at the national and sub-national level.

Building on the 2018, 2021 and 2022 Forums, the tentative theme for the 2023 ICSF is “Civic Space, Capacity and Sustainability”, to be held at a hotel in Jakarta on 14-15 June 2023. The event will be organized by USAID and FHI 360 via its MADANI Civil Society Support Initiative. A steering committee consisting of civil society specialists from other development partners and national CSOs provide advice on topics, speakers and the program. The 2023 ICSF is organized by MADANI in collaboration with Indika Foundation.

Logistically, 2023 ICSF will run over two full days (8AM to 5 PM) with a dinner during the first day, and will consist of two keynote speaker sessions, two plenary talk show sessions, and two parallel sessions with five breakout groups in each parallel session and exhibit booths with up to 15 desks. While FHI 360-MADANI will hire the venue, the EO will ensure the flow of this schedule. It is expected that approximately 250 participants from Jakarta and various regions will participate (travel arrangements will be managed by FHI 360).

Service Expectations

Duties and responsibilities of the event organizer (EO) is to work together with MADANI and MADANI’s partners regarding venue management and arrangement, technology support information, and other related logistical arrangements as needed for the 2023 ICSF that will be held at a hotel in Jakarta on June 14-15 June 2023. The EO will ensure availability of an efficient secretariat and administrative support for events during the two-day forum. The EO will provide inputs and/or recommendations on the arrangements if required. Details, duties, and responsibilities of the EO covers the following aspects:

Management of attendees and delegates

  • Manage online and in-person registration forms for speakers, facilitators, coach, and participants, integrated with ICSF platform on MADANI’s homepage
  • Compile registration lists/ confirmed database (downloaded from the developed conference site by MADANI) by participants, speakers, facilitators, support staff, event management team, etc.
  • Propose candidates and provide honorariums or fees for MC, English and sign-language interpreters and roundtable discussion moderators identified.
  • Help distribute per diem for speakers and resource persons (non-MADANI)

Event venue settings

  • Liaise with hotel (selection and contract with hotel will be executed by MADANI) to accommodate 250 participants and organize space as follows:
  • 1 plenary room for 250 participants for two days with audio-visual system (including video recording).
  • 5 breakout rooms for two days (morning and afternoon). Each room will accommodate up to 75 participants. Arrangement for each room will be advised by MADANI.
  • Dining area for lunches and one evening dinner.
  • Arrange 15 booths for exhibition in which organizations can showcase their impact.
  • Designing and providing banners with all required logos.
  • Provide a helpdesk for participants and speakers if they have questions.
  • Organize an administrative room/secretariat.
  • Organize a VIP room for 25 persons.
  • In coordination with MADANI, set and ensure requirements and access for people with disability. For example, signs for all rooms and stages, and translators for participants with certain needs (such as sign language translator, etc.).
  • In coordination with hotel’s team, ensure all required audio equipment including visuals, computers, system sounds, and Wi-Fi facilities function and are available in main plenary room according to the needs.
  • In coordination with hotel’s team, ensure service maintenance required for all equipment services is available in all meeting rooms.
  • Organize and ensure all spaces for meetings are according to the specifications provided by MADANI.

Registration at the venue

  • With MADANI, prepare and share packages with arrival information to participants.
  • Organize and manage registration for participants.
  • Prepare participant lists with relevant contact details.
  • Manage information support services as a common one stop for participants and speakers.
  • Design and create name tags for all participants and speakers.
  • Ensure all the supporting documentation is in line with MADANI’s policies (e.g., on branding and marking).

Meeting Delivery

  • Organize a dress rehearsal the day before the event (glade resik).
  • Provide translation services (English to Indonesian, Indonesian to English) in plenary sessions.
  • Provide sign language services in plenary sessions.
  • Prepare an implementation report after the ICSF.

Deliverables, Timelines, Special Terms and Conditions

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How to Apply

Applicants must submit the technical application and budget to Procurement-Madani@fhi360.org by 5 PM (Jakarta time) on February 8, 2023. In the submission email, reference “Event Organizer for ICSF 2023” in the subject line.

Only paid candidates can apply for this job.
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