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Indonesia’s overall development has resulted in an enabling environment for Indonesia’s disaster management agencies to be independent, responsive, proactive, and able to prepare and respond to disasters in a way that reduces adverse impacts.

Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB) is present as an institution that expected to be able to carry out the functions of coordination, planning, and implementation of disaster management activities in an integrated manner, starting from pre, during and post disasters that include prevention, preparedness, emergency response, and recovery. In the last twelve years, BNPB has made significant progress in the formulation and determination of disaster management policies; implementation of policies and good practices of formulated policies; disaster management by acting quickly, precisely, effectively and efficiently; coordinating the implementation of disaster management activities in a planned, the integrated and comprehensive manner with related cross sectors; and development of strong international relations and integrating global best practices in the framework of institutional arrangement, early warning system, coordination, response management, and disaster risk reduction.

The INVEST DM, a USAID funded the program, is present to provide a holistic approach that can support BNPB in carrying out its roles and duties to fill gaps in several areas, including increasing technical capacity starting from preparedness, response, and recovery; policy planning and development; governance / institutional; and organizational development. All of this boils down to one aspect, namely the development of human capital.

The main objective of INVEST DM Program is to strengthen the capacity of disaster management agencies in Indonesia and resources at various administrative levels so that they are able to fulfill their mandate in providing effective and life-saving disaster management services.

The Disaster Management Education and Training Center (Pusdiklat PB) as one of the unit work of BNPB has the mandate to support capacity building of human resources in disaster management. Under state budget 2020, Pusdiklat PB is managing the accreditation on disaster management training for 2 local government training centers and a training center of the private sector. In terms of regulation, BNPB has issued the BNPB Regulation No.1/2020 on “Akreditasi dan Pendidikan Pelatihan Teknis Penanggulangan Bencana”. For the technical aspect, Pusdiklat PB has formulated the Technical Guideline on Implementation of Disaster Management Accreditation and Technical Training.

To strengthen the basics of accreditation, accelerate the process, and expand the range of accreditation program of Pusdiklat PB on disaster management to various training providers, it requires an online mechanism. The online mechanism will ease the process by saving time, guarantee the confidentiality of documents, avoid scattered documents, centralized data management, and improve the marketing approach.




The purpose of this consultancy is to provide an online mechanism for accreditation to training providers to be carried out by Pusdiklat PB. The online mechanism for accreditation will address the challenges of an offline system for training providers to upload various require documents and will help facilitate effective and efficient fulfillment of the requirements for disaster management training providers for accreditation.

The Consultant closely works with IT Staff of Pusdiklat PB, Division for Program and Evaluation, and Division for Education and Training. Besides, the Consultant will coordinate with Division for Technology and Network Management under the Center of Data, Information, and Disaster Communication where the management information system of Pusdiklat is attached to. During work implementation, the Consultant will communicate and coordinate with MIS Expert and database strengthen consultant.


Jakarta and Sentul (West Java)


Activity 2.4.1 Feasibility study on the applicability to enhance effectiveness and expedite the process of the trainer provider accreditation through the development of an online mechanism

One completed feasibility of a study report on applicability to enhance effectiveness and expedite the process of disaster management training provider accreditation through the development of an online mechanism.


Activity 2.4.2 Development and testing of the online accreditation mechanism

An online accreditation the mechanism developed to carry out the online accreditation for disaster management training provider institutions (government and non-government). The system shall able to provide a clear system for training providers list of require documents for upload, how to register, log in, maximum capacity of a file can be uploaded, the format of files/documents for upload, fix or replace the documents being uploaded, and get a notice from operator/administrator on the registration process. Also, provide the manual for system administrator/operator, trace the system weakness and maintenance strategy.


Activity 2.4.3 Socialization/promotion of online accreditation for Pusdiklat training providers

Developed and disseminated the materials on the socialization of online mechanism for accreditation of Pusdiklat PB BNPB to various training providers on disaster management. Various materials such as a formal letter from Pusdiklat PB BNPB, content socialization through various social media and email that targeted the DM Training and Education Center, and non-government training centers.

Activity 2.4.4 A team of trained staff to upgrade and maintain the online system

The consultant will develop a team within Pusdiklat to enhance and/or maintain the system after its completion. This will help ensure continuity of outputs and sustainability of initiatives.




Due Date

Estimated Level of Efforts


A study report completed on the applicability to enhance effectiveness and expedite the process of the trainer provider accreditation through development of an online mechanism

2 weeks after contract signed

5 person-days


a)    A developed and tested online accreditation mechanism

b)    Developed manual/user guidelines for system administrator/operator

4 weeks after completion of 2.4.1

20 person-days


The material of socialization developed and disseminated

2 weeks after completion of 2.4.2

1 person-days


Formation and development of a team within Pusdiklat to upgrade/maintain the system

One a week after completion of 2.4.3

2 person-days


In discharging services requires by this Contract, the Consultant will work under the supervision of Mr. Sugimin Pranoto, the Country Representative of ADPC Indonesia, and work closely with Ms. Yusniar Nurdin, Program Support Officer, as ADPC teamwork under INVEST DM and work closely with the Pusdiklat accreditation team, and in close collaboration with other INVEST-DM Team members to ensure compliance with an assignment as mentioned in Terms of Reference (ToR).

Close supervision and support will be provided by INVEST-DM. The selected consultant is expected to engage in day-to-day communication with INVEST-DM and the Pusdiklat PB. The selected consultant shall maintain an effective working relationship and consolidate the methodology to ensure that the work is thoroughly understood by the Pusdiklat PB.

INVEST-DM will facilitate communications throughout the period of the contract, and shall actively participate in coordination, oversight, and implementation of this work. This may include adjustments in implementation as deemed necessary by INVEST-DM.

Further, s/he will be working closely with the MIS consultant and database strengthen consultant for technical exchanges and for enhancing each of the consultant’s technical inputs. This is for the purpose of possible work synchronization and technical complementation.


·         Computer Science Engineer on systems graduate professional with experience exceeding 5 years in similar programs

·         Experiences in developing a similar online service delivery mechanism.

·         Experience in website development

·         Strong understanding of IT needs and issues of institutions

·         Has high ability on social media management

·         Ability on programming (web design, layout customize, user administration, maintenance, scaling, etc)

·         Ability to work in a collaborative and team environment

·         Can speak reasonable English

·         Excellent report writing skills in Bahasa and English


Email your application to with subject “Consultancy 2.4_INVEST DM” highlighting your suitability for the consultancy position with your CVcompleted biodata sheet (can be obtained in this link:, and at least two work samples/site referrals by May 26th, 2020. Only candidates who meet the qualifications will be contacted.

Thank you,

Yayasan Mercy Corps Indonesia

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