Data Collection Survey for the Electrification and the Fishery Industry Promotion in the Remote Islands of Sulawesi 187 views

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Indonesia consists of about 18,000 islands, with Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi accounting for the majority of the economy. In particular, the six Sulawesi states (North Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Southeastern Sulawesi, Gorontaro, and West Sulawesi) have lagged behind in infrastructure development and industrial development compared to the island of Java. The average household incomes are lower in six states in comparison to Jawa Island where Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is located; some of the remote islands remain not fully electrified. Moreover, the revenues from the essential industries such as fisheries, where majority of the islanders are engaged, have not reached its full potential due to several reasons, such as limited underlining cold-chain infrastructure and inappropriate application of post-capture/post-harvest techniques. When considering the financial sustainability of the electrification, it is also important to identify the key industries which will utilize the generated electricity to conduct economic activities. In other words, an adequate demand for the electricity must be verified in order to cover the maintenance and the running cost of such facilities aside from the household consumptions. In light of this situation, with an aim of promoting regional economic development and reducing regional disparities, this data collection survey will be conducted to promote electrification and to advance industrial development (such as agriculture or fishery) of remote island(s) in South Sulawesi.



The objective of the data collection survey is to develop a business and investment/financing plan to enable the electrification and advance the industry development in selected remote island(s) of South Sulawesi. The survey will also provide a recommendation on the replicability of the developed business plan to remote islands across Indonesia.

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