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WHO-IRC estimated that 7574 children under the age of 14 develop cancer in 2020 in Indonesia, with the majority of leukimia cases (30%). Acute Lymphoblastic Leukimia (ALL) remain the most common type of pediatric cancer in Indonesia. Studies from two center (Dharmais Hospital and Sardjito Hospital) showed that ALL 5-years survival rate had only reached 28.9% & 31.7% compared to the neighbouring countries in Malaysia (69.4%) & Thailand (55.1%).

Sufficient availability of key essential pediatric cancer chemotherapy remains a problem. Some essential cancer drugs, despite listed in national formulary and national insurance covered, are not registered and sold in-country, such as 6 Mercaptopurine. Therefore, hospitals drug stocks depend on imported process that take longer time and pricy, including local donation that may not obtained legally.

There is a need to assess the demand and market value of particular essential pediatric cancer drug, not limited to 6-MP, and identify the gaps between the needs and procured supply of essential cancer drugs that are not available in Indonesia.  The results is expected to obtain captured market need for reference to suppliers and distributors on particular imported cancer drugs, as considerations for hospital suppliers and warrant availability of product in Indonesia.


The consultant is expected to conduct rapid assessment of National Cancer Drug Demand and market volume through variety of methodology and activities to obtain:

  1. Projections of pediatric cancer drug demand in at least 3 representative hospital centers :
  • Identify and analyse pediatric cancer drugs primarily imported chemotherapy regimens (not registered in BPOM)
  • Assess the number of each imported pediatric chemotherapy drug through the special access schemes and donation for minimum 3 latest consecutive years.
  • Assess the annual needs of each pediatric chemotherapy drugs (including imported and regular) in 3 hospital centers for minimum 3 latest consecutive years
  1. Analytical situations of hospital demand and procurement gap for pediatric cancer drugs :
  • Assess the volume gap between the needs and procured pediatric cancer drugs in the 3 hospitals for for minimum 3 latest consecutive years
  • Assess pediatric cancer drug monthly stock availability in 3 hospitals for the latest 3 consecutive years
  • Assess the price procured of each drugs and the cost of associated for the annual needs of each drugs in each hospital centers
  • Assess the budgeting and financing of each hospitals for the relevant pediatric cancer drugs
  • Analyse and extrapolate the need of pediatric cancer drugs nationally
  1. Final assessments of national market value of imported pediatric cancer drugs :
  • Assess the national market value of imported pediatric cancer drugs
  • Analyse national demand of the imported pediatric cancer drug

Scope of Work

The assessment should at least cover:

  • Essential pediatric cancer drugs particularly for ALL treatment (compulsory) and other rare pediatric cancer chemotherapy.
  • Detail type of each pediatric cancer chemotherapy assessed including brands, dosing, presentations, manufacturers, distributors, and prices
  • Detail estimate variety cost and market demand of each pediatric cancer drug needs with reasonable justifications


The appointed consultant should provide written deliverables:

  1. Projections of essential pediatric cancer drug demand, particularly which are not registered in Indonesia
  2. Hospital demand and procurement gap for essential pediatric cancer drugs, particularly which are not registered in Indonesia
  3. Final assessments of national market value of imported pediatric cancer drugs.

Timeline & area of work

Minimum of three main cancer hospital centre should be sampled (preferably RSCM, RSKD, RSHS) and assessed with maximum duration of work of 3 months including report writing.

Budget Ceiling

Proposal up to 140M IDR only will be considered (including professional fee and travel related costs)

Consultant qualifications

The consultant is expected to have

  1. have minimum master’s degree or equivalent in public health/policy education background
  2. minimum three years’ experience working in public health and policy research
  3. experience in assessing health facility with clear methods (qualitative &/ quantitative)
  4. understanding of Indonesia health system and particularly the public hospital system
  5. understanding public hospital pharmacy procurement and planning
  6. understanding and access to International supplier for essential pediatric cancer drugs
  7. proven skills & capacity to conduct analysis with both qualitative & quantitative methods
  8. experience in collecting data/information from many resources
  9. strong communication skills both written and spoken

Review & selection process

Please submit your CV and proposal in English (with detailed data collection methodology & analysis, budget, timeline) in a single pdf file online through email  Proposals will be reviewed and selected by a team, evaluating the rationale of the proposal to attain the objectives as well as CV profile/track records. Submission will be closed at 9 October 2022; only selected candidate will be contacted for further interview.

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