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To support MPHD in provisioning technical expertise in the development of Private Led QAQI Service Delivery Model and Business Model that would enable the rolling out process of the implementation/pilot and prepare all the operational, business and financial, regulatory aspect, as well as enabling factors of the Model.


Momentum Private Healthcare Delivery (MPHD) – USAID Indonesia is a four and a half year project that aims to utilize and optimize the resources and efforts of the private health sector to achieve a reduction in maternal and newborn mortality in Indonesia; in doing so the selected intervention areas are in 5 provinces, namely DKI Jakarta, North Sumatra, Banten, East Java, and South Sulawesi. MPHD focuses on strengthening Maternal and Newborn Health services in private health care facilities to:

  1. Improve the quality of MNH services provision by private health care providers and referrals in targeted/selected areas.
  2. Strengthen national policy and regulatory frameworks on quality of care and public and private sector (PPP) cooperation and participation.
  3. Improve coordination (such as referral systems, data collection and reporting, and training/quality improvement programs and accreditation) between the public health system and private service providers at the district level in the targeted/selected Provinces.

MPHD endeavors to support the improvement of the quality of services in private health care facilities, both in terms of clinical and referral systems. One of the efforts that has become the focal point of the program is the existence of a quality assurance and quality improvement system from private health service providers, a sustainable system that can strengthen the national health system, particularly within the MNH care service area. Data from Basic Health Research (Riskesdas-Kemenkes, 2018) shows that as many as 53% of institutional deliveries (delivery in health institutions) occurred in non-public health facilities; or health facilities owned by the private sector, with details 18% in private hospitals, 6% in private clinics and 29% in doctor’s/midwifery practices.

However, on the contrary, the average quality of health services, especially those at private hospitals, is still below when in comparison with government owned hospitals. Maternal services are still not optimal and are often found far from the quality service standards that have been set. In addition to the limited funding support for privately owned hospitals, when compared to government health facilities that regularly receive state budget assistance, there have also been no systematic and continuous efforts to improve the quality of health services, especially maternal services in private hospitals. Although some large private hospital groups are able to improve and maintain continuity of service quality, but that is only limited to the group of hospital members of their group.

Against this background, an initiative in the context of continuous improvement of service quality by the private sector is being developed by MPHD, where the private sector is the central attention in those efforts to improve and assure the quality namely The Private Led Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement.

Collaborating with the Ministry of Health (MoH), MPHD has successfully conducted a preliminary meeting/workshop on August 25th 2022, where we gathered some key stakeholders mainly from Private Hospitals, Associations, Academics and Government Officials, in which common understanding and initial commitments are agreed on the Private Led QAQI initiative.

As a next step of action, we shall work on developing the service delivery and business model of the Private Led QAQI, that would include assessment of the required capacity and resources, initial outlays and investment needed, business calculation and projection, plans for piloting and potential for scaling up, etc.

We also plan to hold a workshop, a bigger event than the previous one, that would invite larger participants from various institutions encompassing Private Hospitals, Hospital associations, accreditation institutions, National Insurance Agency, Academics, Clinics Associations, Professional Associations, Local Government Health Office, etc


Development of Service Delivery and Business Model for Private Sector Led Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement for MNH Service is a complex task and requires a set of specific skill namely Business Assessment and Consultation; knowledge, acumen and hands on experience in business consulting process.

Therefore, a Lead Consultant will be hired to support MPHD in to achieve overall objective/purpose of assignment as stated above.


  • To gather all relevant and necessary information from secondary sources as well primary sources namely all key players in the ecosystem
  • With PSE Advisor, to consult with potential candidate of institutions that would lead and implement the private led QAQI regarding all aspects in the development of service delivery and business model.
  • Exploring all potential and possible models of the implementation Private Led QAQI, taking into account all variables, key elements for operationalization, institutionalization and institutional setup, and enabling components both internally and externally of the model.
  • Exercising the Canvassing of Business Model to generate optimum service delivery and business model recommendation.
  • To formulate and develop Private Led QAQI service delivery and business model
  • To facilitate Workshop inviting various stakeholders for introducing and presenting the Proposed Private Led QAQI model to larger audiences; directing the issues and the overall workshop agenda to achieve the workshop objectives
  • Preparing summaries and conclusions in order to develop follow-up plan
  • To support in pilot preparation, conducting overall business consultation during the preparation process and monitoring the inception process
  • Producing Consultant’s report


  • Meetings and Workshop that documenting various inputs, insights, perspectives, suggestions and recommendations on the Private Led QAQI Concept
  • Private Led QAQI Service Delivery and Business Model
  • Consultant’s full report


The contract will be conducted over a period of 3 months from 21 November 2022 to 21 February 2023 with this following timeline:

Key ActionsDuration
Model Development & Material Preparation for Workshop21 November – 7 December 2022
Workshop Facilitation8 December 2022
Workshop Report and Refinement30 December 2022
Business Consultation and Pilot Preparation3 January – 31 January 2023
Model Roll Out, Monitoring, Consulting Report1 February – 21 February


During the contract, the consultant will report directly to PSE Advisor MPHD


  • Have a Master’s Degree in Hospital Administration/Health Services, Master’s Degree in Economics/Business or experience in a related field for a minimum of 5 years;
  • Have experience and ability to facilitate activities involving key stakeholders and cross-stakeholders;
  • Have experience as a Business development consultancy
  • Have experience working with senior management level; or lead / develop private sector businesses and institutions that have demonstrated positive growth, revenue and potential scale;
  • Have 10+ years experience in managing large projects, health sector development, private sector engagement development etc;
  • Have ideas and wide perspectives to improve the quality of public services, policy reform and business innovation;
  • Have an understanding of the Indonesian health system, including the private health sector, as well as gaps and opportunities in the health ecosystem;
  • Have knowledge of USAID’s compliance, regulatory, and reporting principles;
  • Demonstrate excellent leadership, strategic thinking, organization, team building, facilitation, coordination and representational skills;
  • Have excellent verbal, written, interpersonal and presentation skills in English and Indonesian

How to Apply

Please submit your application of interest, CV and budget/fee proposal to the following email address: with subject as per position. Only those selected for interview will be contacted.

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