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Water.org is an international non-profit charitable organization based in the US.  It has field or country offices in 13 countries which includes Indonesia and the Philippines.  Water.org is focused on promoting wide access to water and sanitation services, especially toward poor households or Base of Pyramid (BoP) households. Water.org works with partner organizations in various countries including microfinance organizations and water utilities. The purpose is to help these institutions promote water and sanitation loans or water connection financing services (in the case of water utilities) to BoP households.  As of September 2018, Water.org has empowered more than 16 million people (include 586K people in Indonesia) through its major programs to gain access to clean water and sanitation.


WaterConnect Program is Water.org’s program partnering with water and wastewater utilities. Water.org provides Technical Assistance (TA) to build their institutional capacities to connect and offer water services toward communities, especially to BoP communities via financing. The range of TA provided by Water.org included:

  • marketing or demand generation for basic water services,
  • customer service relations,
  • demand market studies,
  • development of Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) financing (where a customer can pay for the water connection fee in monthly installments),
  • water demand management training (to teach customers to use water responsibly and not waste it),
  • linking to microfinance organization (so they can get loans to pay for water connection fees and installation costs),
  • provision of various skills training to employees of the water utilities,
  • installation of water billing and account tracking systems, and
  • business planning, and various other supports.

Recently Water.org works directly on a one-to-one basis, signing agreements with each water utility providing direct interventions, and this mode of partnership is called (a) “Direct Impact Partnerships”. Water.org intends to scale the effort with multiple water utilities by implementing WaterConnect through (b) “Joint Collaborative Impact Partnerships”. Water.org will work with leveraged institutions such as PERPAMSI (an Association of Water Supply), World Bank, IUWASH Plus USAID, KIAT AUSAID and work with such institutions to deliver institutional TA to batches of many utilities.

WaterConnect Indonesia. Since 2016, Water.org Indonesia has been working with water utilities (PDAMs) and wastewater utility (PD PAL) in Indonesia on implementing WaterConnect program. Throughout the past two years, the program has produced great results and high demand to scale the program through an “adoption” approach or called Joint Collaborative Impact Partnerships as described earlier. Indonesia has a total of 378 PDAMs (1 PDAM/district), of which 53% or 196 PDAMs are classified as healthy and would be applicable to implement WaterConnect program. Water.org has current partnerships with four PDAMs in Java Island and one PD PAL.

WaterConnect Adoption Training (WACAT). To provide PDAMs with TA effectively and systematically, Water.org plans to develop a Training of the Trainer (ToT) conceptual package to train (1) any new direct engaged PDAM partners and (2) individual “trainers” that will be acting as training agents to subsequently train PDAMs on behalf of or in partnership with Water.org. Therefore, Water.org aims to engage a third-party Consultant who shall develop a WACAT Indonesia Package Development fulfilling two key objectives:

  • Objective 1: Serve as Water.org’s internal resources and being used by Water.org Indonesia Program Managers to train any existing and new PDAMs Water.org directly engages with, under the Direct Impact Partnerships .
  • Objective 2: Serve as a tool to train (a) trainers or (b) training agents or (c) project staff from leveraged institutional partners. They shall use WACAT package to train employees from selected PDAMs, under the Joint Collaborative Impact Partnerships.

The Consultant will design and develop the WACAT Package ensuring Water.org Indonesia’s PDAM partners understand WaterConnect program approaches and increase their capacities to implement the program. The scope of work for “WACAT Indonesia Package Development” consultancy work are as follows:

  1. Develop Four WaterConnect Modules including trainer guideline, toolkits, visual aids and related documents needed on how to implement the program. Each module would not be longer than 10 pages if possible and is easy to understand by Water.org Indonesia, trainers, and PDAMs top management and field staff. The Consultant shall develop modules listed as follows:
    1. Module 1: Marketing Strategies and Customer Acquisition
    2. Module 2: Human Resource Development
    3. Module 3: Financial Risk Management
    4. Module 4: Innovative Financing Scheme for Low Income Household
    5. Study Cases. Case Study might be part of each modules and they are designed in simply narrative, easy to understand and might need maximum 2 pages.

The Consultant shall also develop or refine templates and Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) related to the module.

  1. Prepare a comprehensive list of Training Sessions according to discussion with water utility community such as PDAM and PERPAMSI in Indonesia for classroom training and other methods that might more effective e.g. hands on training and exchange visit.
    1. Each session should have enough time for question and answer and open discussion of the topic so that each participant is able to internalize the concepts or subject matter being trained.
    2. Training Sessions shall be developed for the above-mentioned six modules.
    3. The Consultant shall develop Manuals (how to deliver the training) for each Training Session as well as toolkit e.g.
      1. Templates
      2. Simple case studies in each specific session where participants are presented with a situation and they are asked to decide what to do or how to handle the situation.
      3. Examples of policy, and SOP.
  2. The Consultant may design some of the Training Sessions to include hands-on and/or field visits:
    1. Field visits: For example, to visit the water treatment plant operated by a water utility, or to visit homes to see actual water meters and pipes leading to the homes of customers.
    2. Hands-on actual training should be included too in some sessions, for example, how to deliver a marketing pep talk in a rural neighborhood, or another example – conducting household interviews.
  3. The Consultant should design and use a few Quizzes in some of the training sessions to gauge whether the participants are able to absorb the materials being taught.
    1. Each session should not have more than 2 quizzes and each quiz should not be longer than 7 questions.
    2. Answers to the quizzes should be discussed afterwards to check the right and wrong answers and clarify the subject matter further.
  4. WACAT Package Pilot Testing:
  5. Other activities include: Clarify the stages of development of a PDAM considering the situations in Indonesia. This will require several in-depth discussions (through face to face meetings, Skype calls, emails, phone calls and field visits to actual water utilities) to be conducted by the Consultant with Water.org staff and a few selected PDAM partners.

The WACAT Indonesia Package Development is required to be completed by March 30, 2019, Detailed timeline is as follows:

  • Draft deliverables are completed – 1 month or latest February 22, 2019 (1 month).
  • Consultant submits draft final deliverables by March 1, 2019. Water.org will provide comments within 7 working days and the Consultant shall submit final deliverables by March 30, 2019.

The Consultant will be responsible to perform and produce the following activities:

  • Develop 4 WaterConnect Modules and modules’ templates and SOP.
  • Training Sessions for delivering 4 WaterConnect modules, toolkits and Trainer Manuals (how to deliver the training).
  • Working paper/case study
  • Training pilot on selected topic
  • Module set refinement

All documents related to this scope of work will be wholly-owned by Water.org. The Consultant is not entitled to distribute the secondary data, reports and deliverables, wholly or in part, without the prior written permission of Water.org.


Water.org aims to hire a Consultant to work with Water.org Indonesia to develop WACAT package as described in the scope of work outlined above. The proposal should include a technical and financial proposal well as a project timeline, please refer to number 7. Timeline section for additional information. Applicants may be firms or groups of individuals with a designated team lead.

Applicants must exhibit the following qualifications:

  • Demonstrate experience in developing training packages for business organization in English and Bahasa Indonesia
  • Demonstrated experience with Urban Water Utility (PDAM)
  • Demonstrated experience and familiarity with the WASH and/or Banking and Finance Sector particularly microfinance sector

The budget proposal must be submitted by the Consultant, and approval of the final budget is fixed and cannot be negotiated. All budgets will be provided in IDR. Budget notes are encouraged.

Examples are provided the attached budget template. Consultant must provide budget information in the attached format, or with any other format that specifies the details of the same. All components of the tax should be included in the budget. The Consultant will be responsible for paying all the taxes.


ACTIVITYPlan Date ActivityEstimated Number of Persons per DayPersonnel Costs
Unit CostTotal
Activities Total  
Other Related CostsTotal TravelNumber of Persons (Travel)Unit CostTotal
Cars / Other
Per diem
TaxTax type% Tax
Total – Other Costs
Grand Total    

A sample of payment terms is by following:

  • First tranche – 35% of the contract price – upon signing of the Contract
  • Second tranche – 35% – upon draft training package completion
  • Third tranche – 30% – upon submission of the final reports
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