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Location:Jakarta / home-based
Submission Deadline:26 June 2022 at 23.59 WIB (western Indonesia time)
Reference Number:INKLUSI RFP-011/06/2022

INKLUSI, The Australia-Indonesia Partnership Towards an Inclusive Society is a $120m, 8-year investment (2020-28) that will contribute to the broader development goal of: No one is left behind – more marginalised people participate in and benefit from Indonesia’s sociocultural, economic, and political development. INKLUSI continues Australia’s support to Indonesia’s prosperity, building on Indonesia’s advancements in the areas of gender equality and women’s empowerment, social inclusion, and civil society strengthening.

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is written only to cover phase 1 of INKLUSI, which will complete on 31 January 2026. See Annexes in the ToR for INKLUSI’s Theory of Change (Annex 1) and the Mitra INKLUSI (funded CSO partner) and their early priority areas (Annex 2).

Objectives of the strategic partnership:

This request for proposal is:

  1. To support CSO partners’ advocacy agenda: Research can support partners’ advocacy agenda by providing relevant data and information contributing to greater insights, as well as establishing stronger relationships with government agencies at the national and sub-national levels.
  2. To support GoI in policy formulations and GoA in strengthening bilateral relationships: INKLUSI contributes to policymaking through sound evidence and policy dialogue, and in so doing supports the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Australia.
  3. To strengthen research in social inclusion: INKLUSI will establish partnerships with research institutes specialising in gender and social inclusion to strengthen their understanding of on the ground developments through engagement with the Mitra INKLUSI.
  4. To assist the INKLUSI Secretariat: For example, analysing regulations that may have an impact on marginalised communities, conducting contextual or political economy analysis at subnational levels, or assessing new priority focus areas.

The term “strategic partnerships” indicates a broader relationship rather than just the provision of research funding. It depicts the spirit of collaboration between research organisations, Mitra INKLUSI, the INKLUSI Secretariat, and the GoI and GoA, all working together to strengthen inclusive practices and norms.

What are the areas of the strategic partnership?

The areas of the strategic partnerships are in line with the seven INKLUSI early priorities:

  1. Legal identity for marginalised people
  2. Access to social protection and basic services, including reproductive health and VAW services for marginalised people
  3. Protection from all forms of violence against marginalised people, including women and children
  4. Implementation of child marriage law including required regulation, systems, and processes (elimination of child marriage)
  5. Economic livelihood and recovery for micro and small enterprises owned by marginalised people
  6. Access to fair and safe employment as part of the economic recovery for marginalised people
  7. Civic participation and leadership by marginalised people, including in government decision making processes.

In addition, universities/think tanks/research organisations may propose other topics outside the seven INKLUSI priorities relevant to the “objectives of the strategic partnership” above.

Who can apply?

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is for interested research organisations including universities (faculties, departments, research centres) and think tanks and other types of organisations with a primary focus on research.

 Eligibility criteria

  1. Have strong experience in at least one of the INKLUSI early priority focus areas or other areas related to the “objectives of the strategic partnership” (see ToR).
  2. Experience with safe data collection procedures (remote and face-to-face) during pandemics. Demonstrate experience of working with marginalised groups and having appropriate protocols for their physical as well as psychological safety.
  3. Willing to work with Mitra INKLUSI and synchronise strategies.
  4. Demonstrate strong networks with government agencies and be willing to help strengthen relationships between Mitra INKLUSI, the INKLUSI Secretariat, DFAT and the Indonesian government.
  5. Willing to accommodate other priorities from the INKLUSI Secretariat and the Mitra INKLUSI.
  6. Open to improving CSO partners’ technical capacity in research2 and any GEDSI related area if requested.
  7. Provide opportunities for Mitra INKLUSI to disseminate their knowledge through conferences, guest lecturing, publications, podcast, social media, or other means.

How much is the available budget?

INKLUSI has a budget of up to AUD 6 million for the whole strategic partnership. Individual organisations can apply to any amount below that budget.

What is the timeframe?  

Organisations may apply for several activities until September 2025. Applications for shorter periods (e.g., until 2024) will also be considered.

Types of activities

Type of activities under this strategic partnership includes (but are not limited to) research, seminar, capacity building for CSOs (in research, in GEDSI-related approaches, or others), podcasts, visiting lectures, etc.

What are the selection criteria?

  1. Strong experience in at least one of the INKLUSI early priorities (20 points).
  2. Track record of supporting CSOs’ advocacy issues or strengthening CSOs’ capacities (20 points).
  3. Track record of supporting the government in policy formulations and engaging officials in policy dialogues (20 points).
  4. Able to apply GEDSI principles in conducting activities with marginalised communities (20 points).
  5. Proven experience of working with DFAT or other donors (20 points).


  • Please refer to the attached ToR for your submissions.
  • Proposals should be submitted to INKLUSI by email to procurement@inklusi.or.idnot later than 26 June 2022 at 23.59 WIB (western Indonesia time).
  • Please put “RFP: Strategic Partnership Towards an Inclusive Society” in the email subject line.
  • Interested organisations should include the following documents:
    1. Cover letter (max. 500 words), outlining reasons for applying, including specifying the area of the partnership (see the seven INKLUSI early priorities and/or areas relevant to the “objectives of the strategic partnership”, see ToR) and your most important experiences working in those areas. Explain the challenges of working to establish an inclusive society in Indonesia and how your organisation aims to overcome them. Finally, explain your organisation’s experiences in applying GEDSI principles in doing research or in any other research-related activities.
    2. Annex 1. Research Application Form (template as attached) to summarize the following information:
      • Applicant Details
      • A summary of proposed activities, including a clear and detailed description of the research method (for research projects) together with a discussion of the practical contributions of the project and how it will support achieving INKLUSI’s EOPOs, the work of Mitra INKLUSI or the Indonesian government. Also include the proposed timetable and budget for each activity.
      • List of References
      • Current Resume of team members
      • Examples of relevant experiences
    3. Annex 2. Financial Proposal (template as attached) which should be presented as the monthly rate in AUD or IDR only, and inclusive of all taxes.
    4. Organisational profile.
  • Only shortlisted organisations will be contacted.
  • INKLUSI does not accept any financial responsibility for any costs that groups may incur from submitting a proposal.
  • INKLUSI is not tied to any commitment to select a bidder.
  • Other details will be stipulated in the contract with selected organisations.
  • Any questions, requests for clarification, or request for application form in ms word format,  could be addressed by email to:
  • This job has expired!
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