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Indonesia Council for Economic and Financial Education (ICEFE) is an Indonesian NGO that focuses on economic and financial education for youth. ICEFE’s primary goal is to improve life skills in personal finance and economic decision-making, as well as to increase financial inclusion. Over the past decade, ICEFE trainers have conducted numerous workshops in provinces throughout Indonesia. ICEFE has over 150 economic & financial life-skills trainers who have conducted workshops for approximately 2,500 high school teachers, who in turn have reached approximately 125,000 students. Using an activity-based pedagogy, ICEFE’s TOT approach offers a “multiplier effect” that can distribute economic knowledge at scale in Indonesia.



The focus of the proposed assignment is to facilitate an organizational renewal and revitalization program for ICEFE. The object of the renewal process is to transition ICEFE from a state of dormancy to a new non-profit foundation offering training and support services in financial literacy skills, soft skills, and other economic opportunity-related skills, primary aimed at Indonesian youth.


The process of renewal, revitalization and improvement will require a three-pronged approach,

  • Activities focused on assessing and improving the brand/vision/ mission, as well as market position and market positioning abilities of ICEFE,
  • Activities focused on creating a comprehensive strategic plan (supported by concrete business activities) for the organization, and
  • Activities focused on building ICEFE’s organizational capacity (aligned with international donor priorities) and gaining improved understanding of and engagement with international donors.



1. Branding and Market Position ICEFE

Consultant(s) will formulate and develop a rebranding and repositioning strategy for ICEFE that will raise its visibility, name recognition and overall reputation as the go-to provider of soft skills, financial literacy skills training and other economic opportunity-related skills, primary aimed at Indonesia youth. The consultant’s primary goal will be to help ICEFE form an identity, brand and reputation that will support the organization’s transition into a hub for youth economic opportunity services, and to outline concrete steps for promoting and maintaining that identity effectively.

Specific tasks:

  • Work with leadership of ICEFE to discuss and clarify the organization’s current and future work objectives in order to better inform and develop a unique identity
  • Gain in depth familiarity with ICEFE’s activities, products, programs and services
  • Carry out research about the local market and competitors, evaluating how peer and competitor organizations portray and market themselves and through which means
  • Use this information to undertake comparison and competitive analysis, to reveal the uniqueness of ICEFE’s offering/brand
  • Lead organization through a holistic process to collaboratively identify, draft and finalize a set of brand priorities. This process should result in drafting of new vision, mission and values statements. Supporting activities may include consultative meetings and presentations, interactive workshops, message-defining activities, and shortlisting and prioritization.
  • Based on the above, formulate concrete strategies and activities for establishing ICEFE’s new identity for external stakeholders and others within the industry/sector, including for segmented/ specific target demographics
  • Manage the overall process of brand change, including strategies, activities and timeline for promoting/socializing the new brand identity within ICEFE in accordance with the specified deadline for the deliverables


2. Strategic Planning

In alignment with the re-branding architecture developed (vision, mission and values), outline high level strategic goals and priorities (technical and programmatic) and develop a roadmap for engaging the specific activities and resources that will be required to achieve those goals. This roadmap should outline a 3-5 years plan to bring current business practices into alignment with strategic goals. The plan should address operational and financial goals, recommended strategic partnerships, and business development activities (focusing on USAID), as well as assessing the viability/non viability of fundraising/individual and foundation giving activities.

Specific tasks:

  • Gather and synthesize any available information about ICEFE’s financial, operational and programmatic activities in order to contextualize and inform strategic planning process
  • Carry out and synthesize additional industry research in order to contextualize and inform strategic planning process
  • Lead organization through a holistic process to identify, draft and finalize a set of strategic goals. Activities to define these goals may include a combination of additional document review, staff interviews, consultative meetings, interactive workshops, goal shortlisting and prioritization, and evaluation
  • Based on strategic goals identified, define concrete program-related deliverables, key milestones, activities and timeline, as well as critical paths and metrics for achieving the goals
  • In concert with the above step, create a plan for the necessary business-related activities (financial, operational, fundraising, partnerships) to support the strategic goals, including deliverables, key milestones, critical paths and metrics
  • Carry out constraint/risk/threat analysis to identify potential obstacles to the achievement of strategic objectives
  • Ensure current and projected programs and activities are in alignment with strategic goals, and identify opportunities for realignment and quality improvement
  • Promote internal organizational alignment around the strategic objectives within ICEFE by engaging and communicating information about the plan to any relevant staff
  • Identify ongoing measures for continuous management and evaluation of the strategic plan over the next 2-3 years


3. Institutional Capacity Building

Based on the strategic goals and specific business practices needed to achieve them, a plan should be created to help ICEFE improve its capacity to carry out the activities. These activities should be specifically focused on building capacity in areas USAID or other major international donors are likely to consider a priority. These areas may include RFP writing, soft skills training, or others.

Specific tasks:

  • Lead ICEFE staff through a process of organizational capacity assessment, using one or more tools that are aligned with international donor requirements and priorities (i.e., USAID)
  • Share preliminary and final results of the organizational assessment with ICEFE staff, to collaboratively select priority technical/operational areas for targeted capacity improvement
  • Create a roadmap for carrying out capacity building activities, including identification of relevant staff or human resources, key milestones, concrete actions and timelines, identification of tools/curricula/training resources etc.
  • Identify metrics and measures of improved capacity to evaluate the effectiveness of future capacity building activities



 1. Branding

  • Presentation of internal/external brand positioning assessment
  • Statement of Vision, Mission and Value
  • Roadmap document for achieving and maintaining new brand identity

2. Strategic and Business Planning

  • Presentation of internal/external research informing strategic objective creation
  • Creation of a plan outlining activities to develop strategic objectives collaboratively
  • A holistic strategic plan that outlines high level strategic goals/objectives
  • A business activities plan (goals and actions) to support the strategic plan

3. Institutional Capacity Building 

  • Draft/preliminary OCAT (organizational assessment) results and recommendations with ICEFE staff
  • Finalized OCAT results, which identify collaboratively selected priority technical/ operational areas for targeted capacity improvement
  • A roadmap for carrying out capacity building activities (specifying relevant staff or human resources needed, key milestones, concrete actions and timelines, identification of tools/curricula/training resources etc.)



 The consultancy is expected to take 20 Effective Working Days (equal to 160 working hours)



 The consultant should be based locally in Jakarta. The scope of work may require local travel within Jakarta to ICEFE headquarters and potentially other travel within Indonesia.  No international travel will be required.



  •  Postgraduate or other advanced university degree in a discipline relevant to the area/scope of work to which the consultant is responding
  • Significant demonstrable past professional experience in conducting activities similar and relevant to the area/scope of work to which the consultant is responding
  • Extensive conceptual and practical knowledge  of  the operating  environment and practices of the local community of NGOs/ nonprofits/community based organizations
  • Experience working and collaborating with a wide variety internal and external stakeholder types, including senior leadership of the civil society, public and private sectors in Indonesia
  • Sophisticated and demonstrable analytical and information-synthesis skills and experience, including a demonstrated ability to quickly review, organize and draw conclusions from large amounts of information from a variety of sources
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and excellent ability to communicate and draft compelling and understandable presentations, documents, syntheses, etc. in written and English
  • Ability to communicate with and present effectively to staff and personnel from a variety of profiles and positions, including senior leadership
  • A goal and solution-oriented work style, a creative mindset, and a focus on high quality work and accountability
  • Strong proficiency in MS Office Suite, with advanced skill in Excel and Power Point, required
  • Strong team player, experience working collaboratively as part of a team



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