American Red Cross – Consultant for Application Development and Building of PMI’s Planning and Reporting


Terms of Reference

Consultant for Application Development and Building

of PMI’s Planning and Reporting Ver 1.0



Planning is a planning mechanism starting from the PMI Sub-district, PMI Branch (at District level), PMI Chapter (at Province level), to PMI National Head Quarter (NHQ) level that refers to PMI’s 2014-2019 Strategic Planning and Operational Planning. The planning document is going to be used as a reference while conducting monitoring and evaluation activities in order to improve the organization’s performance and accountability, both independently by PMI in its relevant working area and or done by PMI one level above.

Report is a mean of communication with an important role to inform PMI’s organizational development, starting from the Branch, Chapter, and NHQ level. A report provides information to help the supervision, control and decision making process in implementing PMI’s programs.

The current advancement of information technology should ease individuals and institutions/organizations to retrieve information swiftly and accurately. One of the utilizations of technology is the use of application that can help archiving PMI’s annual planning and reporting documents, as well as collecting, compiling, analyzing and visualizing the results of PMI Branches’ biannual reports and in the future such application can be integrated with PMI’s Management Information System (MIS) Application, which is currently being redeveloped.

As for the development method, it would not be handed over to external consultant/programmer as the common practice, but it would be in form of a combined team where the application developer team consists of external consultant/programmer as well as PMI’s internal developer.

The application of such combined method is expected to build PMI’s capacity on application development process for PMI in particular and to build PMI’s organizational capacity in general.


The fundamentals to implement this activity are:

  • PMI’s 2014-2019 Strategic Plan and Operational Plan;
  • PMI NHQ’s 2017 Work Plan;
  • Terms of Reference for Reporting Application Development and Building.


The objectives of the reporting application development are:

  • To improve/accelerate the biannual reporting process among PMI Chapters/Branches, including to ease the decision making process;
  • To ensure the processes of module development for PMI’s annual and reporting, as well as PMI Branches’ biannual reporting run accordingly to the plan using information technology-based reporting process;
  • To build PMI’s organizational capacity particularly on PMI application development process.

This technical ToR is developed to support the development process of the Planning and Reporting Application.

Scope of Work

The scope of application development conducted by the team includes:

  • Analysis development based on designs and concepts from PMI;
  • Technical guideline development (manual/web living document/wiki) for application use that can be easily understood by the main users (PMI Chapters and Branches) as well as relevant sectors, including in form of video (e.g. the way to use the app, etc.);
  • Application building and development based on a well-documented web-based platform in line with the application development framework that is compatible to PMI’s MIS;
  • Integration of application to PMI’s MIS;
  • Technical testing prior to application launch;
  • Regular bug update/repair as well as application maintenance.

Activities to be done

To ensure that the application development process is well implemented and the application is ready to use by all PMI levels, therefore the technical activities to be done are as follows:

  • Formation of Application Development Team

The activity entailed in this process requires is to form a developer team that consists of external party and internal party. The process will require a process of external party appointment to support the application development process.

  • Need Analysis Process

The objective of this activity is to ensure that the developed need analysis is in line with PMI’s needs (design and concept attached).

  • Application Development Process

The application development process will be done by PMI’s Application Development Team (Joint Team of PMI’s External and Internal Party). During this development process, the team will present the concept of application design to the Planning Bureau, prior to further development of application (application will be developed after obtaining signature from the Planning Bureau that the design and concept is in line with the needs). For the application development process, the IT Bureau will provide 1 hosting ( for application development and testing process.

  • Application Testing Process

For the application testing, the PMI’s Developer Team will test the application first in line with the jointly agreed testing method and criteria prior to testing by the Planning and R&D Bureau.

  • Application Launch (Go Live) and Warranty Period

After the application officially goes live then the warranty starts to be in effect, where during the warranty period the Application Developer Team should ensure that the application could run without any error/bug. Prior to application launch, a ready-to-use technical guideline on use of application should be available.Tasks and Responsibilities

During the application development process, the tasks and responsibilities are as follows:

Planning and R&D Bureau

  • To provide data related to the application development for biannual report;
  • To provide access to the information needed by the application developer team either in form of reporting archive or face-to-face meetings;
  • To bridge the communications between the application developer team and the relevant parties, either through direct or long distance meetings.

Application Development Team

  • To develop need analysis;
  • To develop a wireframe or prototype as required;
  • To develop friendly interface;
  • To conduct application development in line with the scope mentioned above;
  • To conduct measured program code testing for sustainable integration;
  • To integrate application to PMI’s existing MIS;
  • To deploy application in the developed server production;

To conduct web-based application documentation (wiki, gitdocs);

  • To save and upload all program codes in a source code management such as github, gitlab, etc.;
  • To develop guideline on the use of application both in form of manual and learning video.

Criteria of Application to be Developed

  • The application is developed using PHP YII-2 framework with a combination of JavaScript library dashboard;
  • The developed application is fully running and compatible with all browsers;
  • The application is able to provide alternative format for the data saved into the data format, which in general can be retrieved for the next demand of data analysis (e.g. .csv, .xls, etc.);
  • The application should be easy to use by someone with minimum computer knowledge, also should consider the security system of the application itself and the ease of data presentation and download;
  • The application should be easy to developed, including able to be developed to recap the uploaded data online and to be presented in the dashboard automatically;
  • The application has good navigation;
  • The application can run well in mobile mode;
  • The application can retrieve data from PMI’s Management Information System.

Deliverables and Ownership

  • The source code of application including full documentation such as analysis documentation, including information on the tools used for the application development process as well as the application testing process;
  • The Copyright for the Application fully belongs to the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI). Multiplication or distribution of any part of this application is prohibited without written permit from the Indonesian Red Cross. Anyone aside from the Indonesian Red Cross organization or staff who receive any multiplied or distributed part of this application without authorization can be charged with legal sanctions/ actions.

Period of Application Development

The application development is expected to be completed in November 2017 and can be used by early February 2018.

  1. Financing

The financing of application development is fully supported by the American Red Cross.

  1. Expected Results
  • PMI has a website-based planning and reporting application that is easy to be developed in the future;
  • PMI has the application source codes;
  • Increased experience and skills among PMI’s IT Team in application development process.
  1. Indicators

To ensure that the application is made accordingly to the plan, therefore the key indicators used are:

  • Application data and handover including its supporting documentations;
  • The website is already accessible at the user level access in the sub-domain:


Application Procedure

The application procedure for this consultancy service are developed through several steps as follow:

  1. Submission of applicant’s detailed CVs and IT related experiences
  2. Interview of candidates
  3. Candidates develop and submit proposal based on interview with PMI and American Red Cross delegations (the deadline for the proposal is within 3 days after the interview)
  4. Examination of submitted candidates’ proposals and interview results
  5. Announcement and offering service agreement
  6. Inception report made by the assigned consultant (final proposal after initial briefing prior further implementation)
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Organizational Context – The American Red Cross (AmCross) helps vulnerable people around the world to prevent, prepare for and respond to disasters, complex humanitarian emergencies and life-threatening health conditions. It is a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and works closely with Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI). Currently AmCross supports programs in Aceh, Jakarta, West, Central and East Java, Bali, NTB and NTT.  AmCross works with the Indonesia Red Cross (PMI) focusing on three program sectors: Disaster Management, Health, and Organizational Development.

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