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USAID SEGAR is seeking four short-term technical assistance (STTA) to attracting Private Sector Investment to Build Sustainable Districts.  Each STTA is expected to commence as soon as possible through November 30, 2023, with a Level of Effort (LoE) of 60 days per STTA. This is an individual engagement not institutionally. Code: APSI.


Sustainable Environmental Governance Across Regions (SEGAR) is a five-year (2021 – 2026) Activity financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) designed to advance Indonesia’s development objectives in balancing biodiversity conservation and sustainable land use with inclusive economic and livelihoods development. To accomplish this, targeted subnational jurisdictions with high conservation values (HCV) and high carbon stocks (HCS) will be under improved management of natural resources (NR) that measurably conserves biodiversity, decreases greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from unsustainable land use, and promotes sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

With a growing emphasis on “green growth”, local governments are attempting to better position their political-administrative jurisdictions to capture investment from private sector companies who demonstrate a preference for more sustainable districts. To achieve this, district governments should be able to effectively articulate, position and objectively support their “sustainability proposition” to differentiate themselves from less sustainable jurisdictions.

To support the committed districts, the Activity will conduct the following activities:

  1. Supporting selected districts to commit to regular issuance of sustainability reports and commitments for gradual improvements, which include: (a) Identify reporting framework that is appealing to the potential investors; (b) Support districts to issue local regulation to ensure high quality reporting and continuity of the reporting; and (c) Improving capacity of local governments officials in producing the reports.
  1. Supporting selected districts to strengthen capacity of their Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs), so that the IPAs could: (a) effectively identify sustainability projects and prepare them to be qualified as project portfolio or Green Investment Projects Ready to Offer (GIPRO); and (b) increase local government capacity to develop project portfolios and pitch to potential investors; and (c) promote and facilitate regions to matchmaking with potential investors.


To support selected USAID SEGAR-supported districts in attracting sustainable investments that support efforts to reduce threats to biodiversity and GHG emissions from land use (related to Anticipated Outcome A.4 and B.1).

Expected Outputs

  • Commitments to voluntary district-level reporting of sustainability performance formalized and implemented.
  • At least four districts with strengthened IPA capacity for promoting sustainable investment proposals.
  • Menu of Green Investment Projects Ready to Offer (GIPRO) available.
  • At least four sustainable investment fora successfully held.
  • At least USD 2.5 million of investment commitments for sustainable projects from investors in supported districts.

Key Tasks

2 STTAs for Sustainability Reporting

  • Each consultant will be responsible for two districts
  • Undertake rapid assessments on available voluntary sustainability reporting relevant for the district and district readiness/commitment to voluntary reporting on sustainability commitment (e.g., IYB, and RSPO/CDP).
  • Under coordination of USAID SEGAR Site Offices, facilitate agreements with district governments to develop sustainable investment strengthening workplans.
  • Coordinate the implementation of workplans in four districts.
  • Analyse districts readiness/commitment to voluntary sustainability reporting.
  • Develop legal basis for district-level voluntary sustainability reporting.
  • Prepare and undertake training of government staff.
  • Assist district government yearly reporting.
  • Conduct and attend meetings with relevant stakeholders.

STTA  for IPAs and GIPRO menu

  • Each consultant will be responsible for two districts
  • Undertake rapid assessments of sustainable investment potential in four districts (North Aceh, West Kotawaringin, East Timur, and Kubu Raya).
  • Undertake a rapid assessment on capacity of investment agencies and availability of investment menu.
  • Develop a framework to identify green projects.
  • Identify potential investors in each district.
  • Prepare and coordinate training for IPAs on: (a) identification of sustainability projects to be part of GIPRO; (b) Develop projects portfolio for the selected districts; (c) Promotion of projects with high sustainability impact; (d) Support to source funding (including PPPs); (e) Facilitate business linkages with local companies.
  • Prepare and implement trainings to prepare investment menu (project portfolio) in each selected districts.
  • Support district-level business matchmaking fora.
  • Support selected districts to identify regulatory and budget opportunities for hosting future events.
  • Conduct and attend meetings with relevant stakeholders.


Please refer to the attached file for detailed information.

Required Qualifications

Consultant on Sustainability Reporting:

  • Master’s degree in the area of law, environment, and/or economy.
  • Minimum 15 years’ experience in financial aspect of natural resource management, including working in the area of biodiversity conservation, rehabilitation, social forestry, sustainable agriculture, environmental law, and/or climate change.
  • Experience in working with Indonesian government at local and national level.
  • Demonstrate knowledge on Indonesia’s environment and natural resources management including but not limited to sustainable plantation, social forestry, biodiversity conservation, and rehabilitation.
  • Familiar with the concept of jurisdictional approach.
  • Language: English and Indonesian.

Consultant on IPAs and GIPRO:

  • Master’s degree in the area of environment, businesses, and/or economy.
  • Minimum 15 years’ experience in working in the aspect of social businesses development, investment in green projects particularly land based such as social forestry, biodiversity conservation, climate change, land rehabilitation, and sustainable agriculture.
  • Demonstrate knowledge on Indonesia’s environment and natural resources management particularly in the area investment and financing.
  • Experience in working with Indonesian government at local and national level particularly in the area of economy and investment.
  • Language: English and Indonesian.

How to Apply

Please submit your CV or Resume to SEGAR-Recruit@chemonics.com with the subject line “APSI –  Yourname”. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the positions are filled.

Only paid candidates can apply for this job.
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